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Summer Travel: Ethnotek Launches the Chiburi Wallet and the Cyclo Sling

ethnotek cyclo

Ethnotek is known for its wonderfully made traveling bags which come with interchangeable front panels that they call Threads. Threads gives you the option of restyling, and reusing, your bag as many times as you see fit with gorgeous weaving work from communities all over the globe. The brand has taken that same eye for pairing global artisanal quality with the latest in technology, and have introduced a chic, lightweight, way to do some globe trekking or neighborhood exploring this summer. The traveling gear company has added two new items to its line sustainably produced, water resistant traveling bags.

Chiburi Wallet 


The Chiburi wallet, named after the Japanese God of sea voyages who grants safe passages, lives up to its namesake by providing ample pocket space for passports, money, phone chargers, keys, and even a small map. Ethnotek really outdid itself in the tech side of the Chiburi’s design. The wallet is long, and ample enough to securely fit in the inside of jacket pockets, or  any of your travel purses of bags. The handwoven color designs of the artisanal prints make them very durable and unique.

Chiburi COllage


This wallet is also a love match for those of use living in large cities. I am always forgetting where I put my metro card, ear buds, business cards, and keys in the cavernous space that is my purse. The warm and festive colors of this wallet make it easy to find at the bottom of a heavy bag, and the oblong shape is very hand friendly.


Cycle Sling 


The first  Cyclo Sling bag makes travel lighter, organized, and more convenient this summer.  Cyclo Sling is a medium sized cycling bag that fits, snuggly, and ergonomically on your back. Designed to be a very light cross body bag, Cyclo is meant to be taken on trips where bazaars and markets are waiting to be explored! It’s big enough to fit a water bottle, a great scarf or towel, some tunes, and some nature finds.  This bag is perfect for light summer travel, and would make a superb beach bag that straps right onto your back.


The Cyclo Sling’s uses go beyond the needs of summer travel. I think this bag would make a charming  companion for a the new school season. An urban cyclist could use the convenient size to tote their wares from work, home. or even the grocery store. A versatile bag that comes in an amazing and durable design is a must have for summer —and all the seasons that follow.

Summer travel is about wearing the right kind of footwear. Check out these Sseko sandals to pair with  your new wallet.

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