Susan Harris Recycled Textiles Offer One-of-A-Kind Style


I first met Susan Harris four years ago at her studio in Toronto, and I was like a kid in a candy store as I sorted through recycled sweaters, gorgeous-pieced sweater sleeves (one of my favorite accessories of all-time), cashmere/woolen wraps, and cozy leg warmers. Susan’s effortless style and chic cuts make her fashion accessible and appealing.


Everything Susan makes is one-of-a-kind, though she does repeat themes and embellishments in her work. Contrast stitching, silk-screened nature-inspired images or text, and rough-hewn seems punctuate the aesthetic of Susan Harris fashions.


Every time I wear anything Susan has made, I get stopped by someone. “Where did you find that???” I have a few pairs of her sweater sleeves that can be worn with a tee or long-sleeve shirt for added warmth in the winter chill. Since every item is comprised of repurposed fabrics, I know I am supporting true creativity, instead of some anonymous factory in the Philippenes.


This past year we trucked to Brooklyn for the Renegade Craft Fair (such an amazing event, filled with incredible artists!) and were thrilled to find Susan Harris in her booth. I bought a beautiful recycled cotton dress made from tee-shirts with a silk-screened tree, colorful sweater sleeves for myself and a few other friends, as well as some amazing kid’s clothing. I plan to go back this year, again. Susan’s work inspires me to utilize clothing we already have, to piece things together and create anew. The Susan Harris line is timeless.