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Love YOUR Body at the Beach This Summer (Change your Swimsuit and Attitude, Not Your Diet)

Picture Courtesy of Swimsuits for All

As a curvy woman, I have always had an issue finding cute swimsuits that fit my body. It’s as if retailers don’t want me at the beach. (And let me just say that it’s a well-known fact that water—fresh or salty—is healing, and it feels great to swim, so everyone should absolutely get the chance to do so!! Too many women just “don’t swim” because they are uncomfortable in their swimsuits and on the beach, which just….sucks.)

So, it’s very cool to see that Swimsuits For All has partnered with fashion blogger Gabi Fresh to bring flattering swimsuits to women of every size (again) this summer.

The collection features both colorful geometric, and floral patterns, and solid colored black swimsuits to keep you on trend. Check out this video where the models: Shareefa J, Jada Sesez, Robyn Lawley, and GabiFresh get together to discuss wearing and finding swimsuits at their respective sizes.

My favorite part about this campaign is that the company provides so many swimsuit options. From the infamous “fatkini” to the sexy and classic one-piece suit, it’s nice that the designs account for different types of comfort.

Picture Courtesy of Swimsuits for All

Having a great body image is integral in making good decisions about our bodies and our world. Knowing that our bodies are adequate to enjoy nature, no matter what our dress size, will make it easier for us to connect and care for our planet.

Body image is a topic that affects women at every size. Join the conversation with model Kate Dillon here.

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