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Despite what Andy Williams says, I think “the most wonderful time of the year” is probably fall. You have back-to-school shopping, beautiful crisp weather, delightful produce, pumpkin spice everything, and Halloween! However, the best part of fall is the fashion. Dark colors, layers, big sweaters, and boots! I have a pretty serious crush on boots (check out my recent vegan buys!). Since I’ve already bought more shoes this fall than can fit in our apartment, here are my boot recommendations for those Eco-Chicks out there with closets to fill!

Cri De Coeur Adelaide Boot

I love the Adelaide Zip Bootie from Cri De Coeur. It’s a gorgeous gray faux-suede (the entire Cri de Coeur line is vegan) with a silvery heel. The heel is the perfect height (just under three inches, high but not crazy). And Cri de Coeur boots are made in an ethical, sweat-shop free facility.

Cri De Coeur Corey Boot


Cri de Coeur also has an amazing knee-high boot that would be perfect for channeling Daria Morgendorffer (on Halloween or every day, because Daria is the queen of my universe). This boot is on sale, so buy it and let me live through you, please!


Beyond Skin Boot Betty


The Betty boot from Beyond Skin is a stunner. I love the vintage look of these boots, which are made by hand in Spain. Beyond Skin is a UK-based vegan company whose shoes have been worn on the red carpet and on film by ethically-minded stars. The heel height is a little intimidating, but I think the padded insole and breathable materials will keep a shoe like this pretty comfortable.


Beyond Skin Misty

If you want to channel the look of the popular sheepskin boot, Beyond Skin has got you covered. Their Misty boot, with “vegan microfibre suede upper with faux sheepskin lining,” looks incredibly warm and comfortable.


Bhava Devin Boot

Bhava’s Devin bootie is another fabulous vegan shoe. The upper is made from hand-woven tweed and the heel is reclaimed wood. If Rupert Giles became a devastatingly stylish woman (in the gender-fluid Buffy fan-fiction inside my head), he would wear these shoes. If that is not reason enough to love these booties, Bhava’s mission statement includes creating a “harmonious footwear experience,  as in tune with our environment as our spirit.” They source hand-woven, cruelty-free, and recycled materials to create their shoes. If Bhava looks familiar, it is because you may have seen them on Ec0-Chick before!



Moo Shoes Romy

Moo Shoes is a terrific source for vegan footwear, both online and in their brick-and-mortar store, located in Los Angeles.  These Romy boots are sold by Moo Shoes and made by Novacas (god, I love a good pun!), a Portugese vegan shoe company. The shoes are also available in red and black, but the green reminds me of vintage plant anatomy posters and a particular valise my mother used to own that my (color-blind) father would insist was gray, when it was actually green. Anyway, these are also on sale; I beg you to please buy them all up or I might whip out my debit card and have to start keeping shoes in my stove, a la Carrie Bradshaw.

I didn’t realize until after I completed this roundup, but all these boots are vegan! This is partially a reflection of how I shop, but it should also indicate how easy it has become to find stylish vegan footwear. Every day I realize more and more that veganism (in all my choices, not just how I eat) has expanded my world, rather than narrowing it.

I hope that when you find your perfect fall boots that they reflect your conscience as well as your style, because that is what being an Eco-Chick is all about!

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