How Is Indy Actress, Surfer and Designer Tanna Frederick Saving Our Oceans? One Kid at a Time

tanna frederick

Actress, activist, and athlete Tanna Frederick is a superwoman. The Iowa born artist has not only made her mark in Hollywood with award nominated films, but is currently on a mission to give back to our global community with her organization Project Save Our Surf. The org’s quest is to help conserve our oceans and the diverse marine eco-systems that take advantage of them—including humans.

Project Save Our Surf  has initiatives to help children access clean water, as well as eco-education; through CAMP PSOS, Tanna and her team educate kids about their environment as a way to secure our ecological future on this planet. Marrying her love for the environment with her creative spirit, Tanna has launched a boutique for Project Save Our Surf where she designs eco-friendly, and comfortable fashion for the outdoorsy and nature-loving woman. All the proceeds go back to helping the ocean, and providing families, from Vietnam to South African, with fresh, clean, and accessible water.

We had the opportunity of a lifetime to interview Tanna (lucky us!). As a Worldchanging Woman, she exemplifies super human qualities by skillfully focusing her passions where they can help the planet and her community the most! Read up on Tanna and Project Save Our Surf  below, and find out what keeps this amazing woman healthy and enthusiastic about her work.


I see that you grew up in Iowa; a land locked state, but are an avid lover of surfing. Can you tell us the story of how you fell in love with this ocean-based sport? 

The ocean became an escape from a busy Hollywood schedule. It really gives me a place to slow down, get centered and appreciate this amazing world we live in. 

How did your love for surfing inspire and motivate the work that you now are doing with Project Save Our Surf?

It all came from surfing down in Santa Monica and seeing trash floating by as I was waiting for waves. It became clear that something needed to be done. I created the charity to not only to be a water conservation charity but an environmental education charity, helping kids go to camps where they learn about how they can help save our environment. 

I believe that all forms of self-expression inform the success of each other. How has your experience as an actress helped with the designs included in Project Save Our Surf’s fashion line?

As an actress, you get to play many different characters, with designing this line, I had the opportunity to imagine designing for many different people. It was fun to really let my creative side flow into a whole new outlet. 


In August, Project Save Our Surf will be bringing clean water filters to Vietnam. Can you please tell us more about your attraction to Vietnam? How has your experience in the country inspired you to help?

We have pushed our trip to January now instead of September because we upped our goal of installing 100 filters instead of the previous trips 50 filters and we need time to raise funds.

It seemed like fate to work in Vietnam. We had talked about wanting to travel and the idea of installing water filters had been discussed.  My father is a Vietnam veteran so I have always had an interest in the country and it just all came together in a serendipitous way. 

What are some things that those of us who are just getting interested in ocean and water preservation can do to begin our journey to a more water friendly and sustainable lifestyle? Does Project Save Our Surf include a volunteering program?

Using a water bottle and taking shorter showers are very easy, simple ways to get started preserving water. Always making sure the beach is cleaner than when you left it is another simple rule to help. Simple things like that can make all of the difference in the long run. Project Save Our Surf has beach clean ups all of the time where people can come out and help. Our calendar of events is on our website: www.projectsaveoursurf.org. Volunteers are always welcome! 


I know that you are a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, an actress, a philanthropist, a surfer, and a designer. What motivates you to stay so active, and present in your engagement with your body and the world?

Staying fit, engaged in the world, and being creative helps me in every aspect of my life. The motivation for staying active comes from a place of necessity. I am a better person when I am taking care of myself and that allows me the energy and clarity to pursue everything I am passionate about.

We at Eco-Chick love it when our heroines provide us with the best sustainable parting gift of all time, some words of advice. Do you have any motivating words of advice for our readers?

“He who knows what sweets and virtues are in the ground, the waters, the plants, and the heavens, and how to come at these enchantments, is the rich and royal man.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tanna’s work is not possible without your help and the help of her community. If you would like to contribute to Project Save Our Surf, please feel free to donate on their website, and buying their ecofriendly merch.

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Pictures courtesy of Tanna Frederick, Project Save Our Surf, and the Green Girls

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