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Soul Track Thursday: FKA Twigs Swings on A “Pendulum”

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Love is hard. And our new Soul Track Thursday Artist can’t, and won’t, let us forget it. British Neo-R&B singer Tahliah Barnett, better known as FKA Twigs is bringing a haunting edge to contemporary music. Call it deconstructed soul, or Nowhere Pop,  it’s all about the “Pendulum” of love in this single.

You know, the kind of love that itches at your under-skin, and when you finally get to scratch it, it’s already escaped out of your reach. The kinda love that swings through hate, indifference, and madness. The love that feels like the 2008 recession—the kind that goes bankrupt in a month, no matter how much of yourself you have invested. 

So lonely trying to be yours
What a forsaken cause
 So lonely trying to be yours
When you’re looking for so much more

This track is for those of us that have left a love like that behind, are embroiled in a similar love affair, or have been lucky enough to have ever been so foolish. FKA Twigs will understand and ease the pains of being on the pendulum with her ethereal voice, and that ticking kick drum. This is what a love ballad sounds in the future. This blog post should have been renamed Neo Soul Track Thursday. You can get more of FKA Twigs over at her label, Young Turks, which will be releasing her new album LP1 on August 12th.

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Images courtesy of The Girls Are Magazine, Dem Blaze.

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