That's Tope!

dbclay started out by making duct tape wallets, selling them at a street booth in Portland, Oregon, and they have morphed into a whole line of seriously cool-looking wallets with version 3. All the wallets are made from Tope, a material that’s similar to vinyl, but without all the horrible polluting side-effects:

Tope is a synthetic fabric similar (in texture) to a vinyl canvas. However, Tope does not contain certain hazardous chemicals typically found in most vinyl-based products. In particular, Tope contains NO PVC, Tope is non-toxic, Tope is chlorine chemicals free and Tope is fabricated through a pollutant free process. Additionally, we have engineered a tremendously technical printing process whereby we print high resolution and full photographic images using environmentally friendly inks. To top it off, Tope is also vegan and animal free.

I just think they’re absolutely gorgeous!

db clay dark bark walletdb clay feathers wallet
top, dark bark wallet, bottom, feathers wallet

db clay portland clashing walletdb clay ms. frey gold wallet
top, porland clashing wallet, bottom ms. frey gold wallet

Thanks to RemyC for the tip!

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