The Hand that Rocks the Gorilla's Cradle

When do we humans go too far? Today it was reported that an experiment was conducted and concluded in which a southwest England zoo had given fertility drugs to a western lowland gorilla. I find myself asking the question, why should people be allowed to give animals fertility drugs? If it is the point as to be a resolution for a dwindling species, then I feel that we should concentrate on the conservation of gorilla’s and any other endangered species’ ecosystem.

gorrila.jpgHow is this a positive achievement? To me it appears as both a cover up generated by the guilt of being an extended cause to gorilla’s captivity as well as a disturbing desire to have control over all of nature. Nature works in her own way. Maybe there is a reason why older gorillas aren’t meant to have more babies, maybe it is the same reason why an average 50+ year old human is not naturally suppose to conceive a child.

If they do replicate this procedure, as they as hope to do around the world, where are all of the new born Gorilla’s suppose to go? Is it fair that they most likely will be raised in captivity? Would we inject women in shelters with hormone therapy so that they can have a child all the while where they don’t have their own home to go to? What’s your take?