The Secret: Radical Change Requires Radical New Ways of Thinking


Ever wonder why the candidate who is most hated (and most thought about) wins the race? Ever wonder how the most wealthy and powerful people of the world became that way? Ever wonder how the most effective way to bring about change (environmental, political, social) might be? If so, the Secret, the newest online craze is an essential new film to check out. Created by visionaries of our time, this film makes aware conscious ways of manifesting and creating the world we live in.

Not only have I viewed this online movie and purchased it on dvd, but its safe to say that it has been the most enlightening and thought provoking film I’ve ever watched. Without going into extreme detail, I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to bring about social, environmental, political or personal change watch this movie soon. The Secret can be viewed online for $4.95 (viewed only once) or purchased on dvd for $29.95.