Toxin-Free Kid's Tea Party!

The team at Green Toys™ Inc. has a lot to celebrate. They announced that in their first year as an environmentally friendly toy company, they have been honored with these major awards:


This classic yet innovative toy company turns recycled plastic milk containers into eco-friendly children’s toys that do not contain phthalates or Bispenol-A (BPA) , and meet FDA food contact standards. So as the weather grows colder, you can enjoy a nice little tea party with your child, relative or little friend and not have to worry about a little one digesting leached BPA during simple innocent playtime.

Green Toys products can be found in this recycled packaging (reminiscent of those fun 1980’s toys from my childhood memories) at 2,000 retail and online stores in the US and Canada. If you pick up one of their kitchen or tea sets for a child, there are several  kid friendly teas and snacks that can compliment your party.