Upcoming Exhibition: Fashion Conscious Designs that will change the world one garment at a time @ UC Davis


As part of their “Year of Eco-Exhibitions,” the UC Davis Design Museum & Design Collective in Davis, CA will host Fashion Conscious, an exhibition focused on sustainable fashion design from May 15th thru July 13, 2008.

This exhibition explores sustainability and how it relates to the current clothing market, from the environmental impact of eco-friendly textiles to the re-evaluation of industrial manufacturing.

The exhibiting designers and companies demonstrate a commitment towards developing clothing that provides viable alternatives to the imperfect traditions of the fashion industry. Changing a long standing paradigm will not happen overnight, but by choosing fabrics and methods of production conscientiously, designers have the power to change the way farms and factories operate. The key to success is diversity and compromise.

In conjunction with this exhibit will be the Designing with Conscience ::: A Sustainable Fashion Symposium on Sunday, May 18, 2008. This symposium is focused on “looking into the fashion industry and the move towards eco-consciousness,” and includes speakers from the fashion industry and 4 panelists from the exhibition. To register for the event go here. For more info on the exhibition & the exhibitors involved, and some great info on sustainable fashion, check out this blog.