Viridis Luxe


If you’re looking for super-comfy, but also sexy (and who isn’t? I feel like when I look appealing to the opposite sex, I’m invariably uncomfortable), check out Viridis Luxe‘s new Spring line. Viridis uses a luxurious hemp-cashmere blend for knits, and hemp-silk for their jersey shirts, as well as bamboo for the T’s. All this and the site explains succinctly the truth (and facts) behind hemp fabric too. A particularly ‘treehugging’ excerpt:

Currently 40% of the global timber harvest is used for paper products. If hemp is cultivated on only 12% of the European landmass, it will meet the ENTIRE WORLD DEMAND for paper and completely eradicate the need to cut trees for paper. One acre of hemp produces as much pulp for paper as four acres of trees. The average tree grows for 30-40 years before it can be harvested for paper products, compared to hemp, which can be harvested in 3-4 months

Hemp is an amazing low-impact fiber that’s super-tough and lasts forever, and needs no pesticides and herbicides. Hemp contains almost none of the active ingredient, THC that makes its cousin, marijuana, a drug, yet the short-sighted U.S. government is still outlawing the plant from being grown in American soil, so right now most hemp fiber comes from Canada and other countries whose governments recognize an eco-friendly crop when they see it.





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