Wearing those knees thin in your favorite jeans?

They are our favorite jeans for a reason. They may make our butt look good (a definite pre-requisite for buying them in the first place); they elongate our legs (good for petite women); they just…fit (thank god for a little lycra); or, they’ve been with you since college, bringing home the 4.0s (okay, not touching that one)…

…Recently my very pricey Loomstate jeans managed to get a big fat hole around the knee area. Doesn’t look so bad since the majority of the jean is distressed, but when a hole manages to find itself in a hinged area of your body, it’s just plain annoying. The answer? Don’t throw those pair of jeans away, take them to the doctors at Denim Therapy. Founded by Francine Rabinovich and Karla Schuftan,  the two women saw ample opportunity for business in New York City, a city over-populated with $100+ jeans. Anyone would pay to maintain with fractional prices ranging from $21 – $30 and with turnaround time being about 2 weeks. The secret? Jeans are prepped for a fusable fabric that will be embroidered back into the jeans. Voila! Brand new.

 If you aren’t in the NYC area, simply ship using fedex (or another trackable method) to

Denim Therapy
co schuftan
1182 Broadway, Suite 504
New York, NY 10001

You send it to them, they confirm receipt and cost via e-mail.