WebEcoist: Sustainable Living, Green Design and Environmental Oddities

One of the latest additions to the green blogosphere comes to us from the creators of visually breathtaking, fascinating web magazine WebUrbanist.  It’s called WebEcoist, and it’s a buffet of beautiful green design, stunning nature photography, green tips and even vegan recipes. Since WebEcoist debuted in August they’ve been rolling out article after article packed with the kind of images and topics that suck you in for hours until you realize it’s 3am and you totally forgot to do the things you went online for in the first place.

Take, for example, a recent piece entitled ’10 Breathtaking Natural Cloud and Color Formations’. It’s part of a four-week four-elements series, which also includes sublime HDR sky, weather and cloud photos as well as chilling airborne disasters and weather patterns.

From WebEcoist:

WebEcoist is dedicated to the premise that the natural environment is not only fundamentally important to us in practical terms but is also amazingly intriguing in all kinds of ways many of us rarely consider. WebEcoist, like its sister site, is dedicated to in-depth and original articles on all kinds of subjects from art, design and technology to daily green living and environmental exploration. Here the idea of ‘going green’ does not just mean sorting your recycling – it is a way of looking at the world and thinking about our place and actions within it. Here you will find a vast amount of information condensed into articles and series that bring a wide range of useful and interesting eco-info right to your web browser.

Smart writing, unique topics and fantastic images (we really can’t overstate that, they’re that good) make WebEcoist a highly worthy addition to your RSS feed.  WebEcoist will undoubtedly surpise you again and again, serving up the kind of content you just can’t find anywhere else.

Stephanie Rogers is a fashion- and beauty-obsessed freelance writer with an abiding love for kale and organic wine, living in Asheville, North Carolina.