XOXO for MapleXO Recycled Skateboard Jewelry

LeeMoXO: MapleXO jewelry collaboration with LeeMo

Lindsay Holmes began her Portland-based jewelry company MapleXO back in 2005 inspired by her passion for skateboarding. She has since then been crafting vibrant jewelry from broken skateboards. Holmes has refined the process of drilling, cutting, shaping, and sanding the boards to preserve not only the amazing graphics of the original skateboard designs, but also to reveal the contrasting colors, wood grains, and layers inside the skateboard decks.


In this season’s collection she has expanded her line to create LeeMOXO jewelry pieces, a collaboration with origami jewelry designer Leela Morimoto, of LeeMo, and to produce a series of limited-edition iPhone skateboard cases in collaboration with Grove Made.

Holmes’s inspiration shows the natural link between the outdoor sports we love and a commitment to the environment. As she expresses: “Recycling the boards has been my way to give back to this community by reducing the environmental footprint of skateboarding and giving the old boards new life.”

Sitting indoors waiting for spring to arrive in NYC, MapleXO’s rad designs took me on a little West Coast daydream carrying the flow and sunshine of skateboarding itself.

BFF Bangle Sets of 2 are made from the same board
MapleXO collaboration with Grove

MapleXO collaboration with Grove