A Royal Statement Indeed


Prince Charles is elegantly using his power to make a powerful statement. The NYT reported that the Prince had made the choice to travel like his ordinary country men. No more excessive fuel devourers, aka private jets and helicopters. Instead he will be utilizes the energy conservation method of public transportation such as commercial flights, trains, and biodiesel cars.

The Prince emphasized that the carbon footprint that we make today directly impacts the future generations. Now the royal style sense will not be thrown away. In fact, the prince is taking his existing Jaguar and Land Rover converted so that they run on 100% biodiesel. He will be upgrading his current residential electrical system so that it is more energy efficient. Even his charitable corporation, Duchy Originals is getting a eco-revamp. The food company will soon be measuring the emission levels of its greenhouse gases.

Wouldn’t it be great if our country’s leader would take such initiatives and create a statement, a commitment to his country and the environment? That would definitely make the papers. His eco-friendly ranch would make for a great cover on Architectural Digest.