Actress Kelly Rutherford Unveils Sylvania ‘Living Spaces’ Eco Lights

Actress and eco-advocate Kelly Rutherford, star of guilty pleasure TV hit ‘Gossip Girl’, helped debut the new Sylvania ‘Living Spaces’ line of compact fluorescent light bulbs last weekend and we were pleased to notice some exciting new features among the product line. Sylvania’s new collection is reputed to have a warmer, higher quality light than most other CFLs in what they’re calling “the next evolution of CFL technology”.

The new light bulbs are designed specifically for living spaces and are suitable for use in sconces, table lamps and decorative fixtures. The “micro-mini Twist CFLs” are the smallest on the market, eliminating the annoying problem of too-large bulbs. Solar powered outdoor festoon lights are also available if you want to save energy this autumn without compromising on style (click here).

“SYLVANIA has made it easy for consumers to make eco-friendly lighting decisions with its new Living Spaces collection – I’ve put them everywhere in my new house and we love the instant-on, cozy light,” said Rutherford.  “When we lounge in the living room or entertain in the kitchen, we feel good about being energy-efficient without having to sacrifice light quality.”

And, here’s the thing that really caught our attention here at Eco Chick: a cool water powered LED shower light. It’s actually powered by running water! It doesn’t require any electricity or batteries, and it has an indicator that turns from blue to red as the water heats up. It fits right over a standard-size shower pipe. Very cool idea, especially for outdoor showers and those dark apartment and dorm shower stalls! It’s available at select Lowe’s locations or at Sylvania.com for $39.99.

Stephanie Rogers is a fashion- and beauty-obsessed freelance writer with an abiding love for kale and organic wine, living in Asheville, North Carolina.