"Fairplay" in the Sack

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(Caption: Meet Dov)

According to the Kinsey Institute’s FAQ, 54% of men think about sex every day or several times a day, whereas only 20% of us women, on the other hand, daydream of sex more than once a day (Doskoch, 1995). Hmmm, I guess I’m one of those over-sexed outliers or perhaps that is what really good sex and a long distance relationship does to you: makes you think about it like a man…a very, very dirty man….But I must digress to get to my point. 

FOREPLAY. Rule #1: Don’t leave the bed without it. Rule #2: It’s okay to be dirty as long as the items are “clean”  – and girls, we got some great clean, green, and fair trade products waiting for you compliments of UK boudoir sex shop COCO DE MER (named after the pine nut that looks like a female’s bottom). For the 75% of us that delight in sexual fantasies as a pleasurable and exciting escape, these products were meant for us.

Funny that I came across this shop, started by daugher Sam of Anita Roddick (of the acclaimed Body Shop) while on a plane to the UK to shoot for a fair trade fashion label as I was reading the straight-laced Financial Times… (Ahhh, Don’t you love when business, fashion, foreplay, and fair trade get in bed together). What a coincidence!

So what type of items do we have in store? My favs include the vintage lace veil; the fair trade spanking paddle; and the fair trade made-in-Brazil cuffs. (I won’t tell you which one is my fav), but you can bet your panties it’s not the veil (way too passive for me).

Vintage VeilSpanking paddleWrist cuffs

– As an aside, I HAD to put this in the “EATING OUT” section. I couldn’t resist. Double entendres are truly the spice of life!