G Living: Contemporary Green Lifestyle Network

The first thing I said when I went to the G Living Network site was, “WOW, that Brendan Brazier character is hot.” C’mon girls, we’re just coming off the World Cup where all men are created equal…to Adonis.

Green Living seems to be pumping out a multi-media network, which includes TV (pods), magazine, blogs, reviews, reports, and a marketplace. The front page is a bit busy, but it gets a thumbs up in my book, because it is clearly on its way. It seems a little bit like a cross between Lime TV and Current TV, but the niche is still in its neonatal stages. Tuned into Tim VanOrden’s interview on raw food. Could have been cut down a bit more, but some really amazing pieces…Take note girls, Tim says, “My body can function under very, very high levels, under extreme conditions.” One more thumbs up in my book.