Green Fertility Blog


Hello Kitty in traditional Korean garb accompanies “Harubang,” a Korean fertility god made of volcanic rock.

Hello Kitty and Harubang adorn the desk of author, Marie Myung-Ok Lee, who is a visiting lecturer at Brown University. Marie is an eco-inspired blogger who spices up the web with her green consciousness related to all things fertile.

Marie started Green Fertility as a site to post her experiences with attempting to conceive, along with information on various holistic practices, and green alternatives to mainstream consumerism. Using the handle, “Fertility Bitch,” Marie doesn’t hold back in her biting critique of everything from vaccinations and their connection to autism, to anti-depressants and their link to stillbirths. Marie is always interested in the latest on beauty must-haves, environmentally friendly products, as well as news relating to women and social issues/activism.

Eco Chick is happy to add Green Fertility to our blogroll. We need more outspoken, intelligent women speaking out! Keep it up Marie.