Greenpeace TV


According to a survey by Salary.com, the average worker admits to wasting 2.09 hours per eight-hour workday (not including lunch and scheduled break times). Participants in the survey sited “personal Internet” use as the biggest distracter from their workday.

It is well known that the Internet does have the ability to beckon us away from end-of-the-month budget reviews, proposals with a 5 p.m. deadline and other important work-related duties that we are actually paid for. It’s essentially inevitable. But at least now there is a way to waste away your 2.09 hours, be entertained, and become better informed about environmental issues, and it’s through Greenpeace TV.

The Friday the 13th ad that can be found on Greenpeace’s UK site urges us to “Tell Tony Blair nuclear power is not the answer to climate change.” We are encouraged to do so by watching a highly convincing act of terrorism whereby a highjacked plane flies straight into a nuclear power plant while a British family watches from the seashore.

Another great ad that will eat up three minutes and 29 seconds of your day is told to us from the perspective of some great apes. The spot begins when a family’s house is torn apart with a chain saw (an analogy to the ape’s ancient forest being sawed down by international loggers). The apes pose the great question, “Why destroy ancient forests for wood and paper when it could all come from responsibly logged wood and timber?” That’s a great question indeed.

In addition, you can eat up your time by watching clips about everything from E-Waste in Hong Kong to the fictional Greenhouse Olympics. They are well-produced, high quality and likely will bring you a better chuckle than skimming through listings on match.com