Halloween in a Hybrid

2007 Escape Hybrid N.Y. Taxi

Hey, my cab looked just like this one! 

I try to avoid taking taxis in NYC as much as possible (the subway is cheaper, more eco-friendly, and has all sorts of fun people to look at to boot), but once in a while, when you’re wearing a feather-topped costume, a wig, and heels, and you need to get from one party to the next STAT, you step out into the street and hail one down out of desperation.

Well, lucky me, the taxi that stopped for me was a hybrid! I was so excited (and a bit tipsy) that I took several pictures inside my first hybrid taxi ride and told the driver how great I thought it was that he was driving one. I think he was vaguely amused. As of June, when the last taxi medallions (licenses for yellow cabs in NYC) were sold, there were 281 hybrid taxis in NYC.

Here’s hoping Mayor Bloomburg will keep increasing the number of medallions reserved for hybrid taxis, with the goal of making them all hybrid eventually. Too bad this isn’t an election year for the Mayor, otherwise I would hassle him about it.

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