Cars & Good Music Go Hand in Hand


When I was growing up in the suburbs, I would just love to drive my little car through out my neighborhood and sing to the radio .Now several years later, I find that my urban generation y self stills likes the concept of driving and hearing great music. I have started to research the various cars on the market, for when I do decide to leave the city and can no longer depend on public transportation; I want to find the most innovative environmentally sound vehicle possible.

I came across this very cool company in L.A. called L.A. Electric Cars. They are the only company in the US selling manufactured, road safe fully electric vehicles. The company is a subdivision of Littleradio, a free online radio station that plays hip music and various podcasts. Both companies are actually hosting an office launch party in L.A. on Nov 4. If you are in that part of town you should check it out.

Music and cars go hand in hand and I think it is brilliant what this team is doing.