Happy Green New Year!


I get more excited about New Years Eve than I do about Christmas or my birthday combined, seriously. So I always throw a party, and my parties always singlehandedly undo every environmental effort I put forth the entire year before. Invitations, garbage, lights, tons of food… etc. So this year, I changed it! The top things I did to make it a more eco-friendly New Years Eve party:

~ internet invites; usually I’d go a little nutty and make invitations with pictures on the front from the year and the whole shibang, this year I did e-cards
~ location; I’ve always lived in the outskirts of town, so people would have to take the their cars or a taxi to get to my house – this time, we moved the party to my friend’s loft downtown so everyone could take public transit
~ good china; I don’t really own good china, but I’m allowing people to use my regular glass cups instead of busting out good old plastics, and there will be no plates
~ local eats; everything we bought food wise is from the local market, which is dwindling since it’s winter, but we still managed to get enough food to do the trick
~ group eats; we’ve opened up the party as a potluck! Everyone can bring their own, and we’ve restricted it to vegan only food.
~ lighting; we changed all of the light bulbs to CFLs… my entire house already is, and I even bought the light bulbs just for him, to encourage the switch
~ dummy proof; we have made recycling bins that can be seen from across the room, and added “yellow let it mellow” signs to the washroom doors – although we’re not sure that one will float
~ entertainment; didgeridoos, guitars, drums and organic painting! no movies or electronic music for us!

They all seem like simple efforts, but it’s going to be a green, and fun, New Year! 🙂

Happy New Years everyone!!