Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

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Healthy Child, Healthy World is an organization founded by Nancy and Jim Chuda. After losing their daughter, Collette, to a non-hereditary form of cancer, the Chuda’s decided to dedicate their lives to environmental safety and children’s health. Healthy Child, Healthy World, (formally the CHEC, the Children’s Environmental Health Coalition,) serves to inform, educate and promote environmentally conscious practices in all aspects of our lives. Healthy Child’s new paperback book Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safter Home, has just been released in paperback and is receiving high praise.

Healthy Child has always been friendly and responsive whenever I contacted them. As a new mom and a writer I tend to do a lot of research and Healthy Child and its affiliates have come through every time. On a few occasions I received responses from the CEO himself. Even in his busy day managing a large organization, being a new father, and writing a book he took the time to answer questions and be available. Healthy Child is truly passionate about what they do. They have worked to initiate legislative change, they have lobbied politicians, and they have become one of the leading resources for eco-friendly families. So, I may be a bit biased about this new book, but I really enjoyed it and found it useful. This is resource you can come back to again and again.

Chistopher Gavigan, the CEO/Executive Director of Healthy Child, has written a guide for families that is more important today than ever. Gavigan addresses issues that need to be discussed, such as: what to do with the harmful products in our homes while we “go green”; why antibacterials are a no-no; why bright blue yogurt is bad; avoiding the word “fragrance” at all costs; how hair dyes contain lead; whether to binky or not to binky; which toys to freecycle; how to avoid electromagnetic overload; which are the best veggies for a kid’s garden (one of my favorite sections!;) and generally, how to do it all in a cool, calm and collected way.

Another item worthy of note: the back of the book features a lengthy summary of organizations and companies specializing in everything environmentally friendly. From sunscreen to biodegradeable dishware; to home water testing and non-toxic art supplies, there is a book, website, or phone number listed in reference to just about everything.

The tone of Healthy Child Healthy World is not alarmist or negative, but full of tips, guides (many that can be photocopied and put into one’s wallet,) and resources for all things eco-savvy. These days, before running out to acquire things they don’t need, many parents are thinking about health, the environment, and creating a minimal footprint. Healthy Child offers an excellent how-to manual for creating a healthy, toxin-free home.