How I Wear Eco Fashion: Model Citizen Summer Rayne Oakes Rocks the Uniform Project


Over the past month I’ve been taking on the Uniform Project challenge and helping raise money for Charity: Water through the kindness of the community’s readers. It’s been exciting because we’ve already raised enough money to build 1 1/2 wells and hope that we can hit our $10K mark over the next couple days to build two wells.

It’s been tremendous fun as it’s allowed me to maximize the creativity of my wardrobe. And it’s been great to share with the readers my personal style and also invite them in as a “guest” by giving them a 31-day snapshot into my personal-professional life. As I mentioned in previous post, they have seen the “whimsy and wunderkammerness of my little abode. Brightly painted walls…tendrils of ivy and philodendrons…terrariums of exotic insects…and a collection of honeys, tea, bibelots, and collectible from all corners of the globe.”

Not to mention the breadth of the programs I’ve been lovingly laboring over – from Source4Style to the environmental film I’m working on in memory of my greatest mentor and long-time friend, Tom Eisner.

In the topmost image, the Little Black Dress was designed out of a silk-hemp blend and handwoven Thai silk sourced from Source4Style and made by Carasan Designs. The ascot blouse was handmade by Pakistani women out of silk and hand-embroidered. Stockings I procured from Stockingirl.


The other shot (above), is again, the Little Black Dress, made with the silk-hemp blend and handwoven Thai silk sourced from Source4Style and made by Carasan Designs, worn completely differently. The blazer is a tailored, recycled kimono by AOI; white rubber boots by Gucci; handmade cashmere floral hat; and Nepalese hand-knit nettle scarf by Leila Hafzi based out of Norway.

Check out the other outfits using the Uniform Project dress for the rest of March here.

Summer’s original Uniform Project dress (mostly) unaccessorized.