It takes two to Tango: Chicks and Cars


I took a week long excursion out to California and part of the excitement involved a test drive with this little car. Holy $hit man, does this Tango go fast!

There are only two Tangos in existence right now and three more are on the way (Sergey, Larry and Eric each ordered one). Hopefully after the Google Boys gets theirs, we’ll be seeing more on the streets in 5-10 years.

Some interesting tidbits on Chicks N’ Cars. We may have known this already, but girls wear the pants in the household when it comes to car buying. That means we hold a heck of a lot of sway in the automotive industry when it comes to what we want to see on the road.

– Edmund’s reports that women influence over 85% of all car buying decisions.

– According to the survey by Good Housekeeping and J.D. Power and Associates, 82 percent of women think that environmentally friendly vehicles are “extremely important” or “somewhat important” compared to 72.3 percent of men.

So c’mon girls, let’s head out on the highway, turn on our headlights, and show the car companies what we’re looking for.

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