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Billyburg Gone Way Cute: Kallio’s Ethical Line and Eco Fashion Workshop

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Kallio’s Kickstarter campaign is something (adorably) different. In addition to making and selling a line of too-fabulous kids’ clothing (see below—we want some in our sizes!) they are also raising funds for  the Kallio WorkSHOP, a consciously minded retail and workshop studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In the cooperative spirit of paying it forward, Kallio will use the WorkSHOP space to showcase like-minded brands, so that other artists can get much-needed exposure.  The space will also be home to an exciting workshop series “where artists and designers will teach simple and sustainable design techniques.”

How rad is that? Sustainably-minded AND caring for community!

What’s the story behind this creative new space and cute clothes? After working in fashion for ten years, Karina, founder and designer behind the clothing line Kallio, observed that the industry had a serious waste problem.  Her site notes that “roughly 85% of textile waste ends up in landfills, which amounts to enough material to re-create the Rocky Mountains.”  The sheer size of the waste this describes is absolutely incredible: I’m a very visual thinker, and that image really haunts me.  Maybe because it uses a symbol of natural beauty to describe the unnatural and profoundly not-beautiful waste we create.

Karina Kallio has decided that these textiles need not go to waste. Her kidswear line is 100% made from repurposed men’s shirts. (I don’t know if there is anything more classic than a good men’s shirt. I have one of my dad’s, and I still wear it to this day; it looks great with cuffed sleeves, tucked into a pair of high-waisted pants.)

The Kallio line uses sustainable materials, as well as ethical manufacturing practices.  The garments are all sewn by a women’s co-operative in the Garment District.  Kallio is rapidly outgrowing its niche of the internet and is using Kickstarter to take the mission a step further.

I really only need half an excuse to lose my mind over cute children’s clothing, so I combed through the Kallio site and picked out a few of my favorite pieces:

Kallio Girls Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Long-Sleeve Shirt Dress

I absolutely adore this dress, made out of reclaimed vintage cotton flannel.  There are several fabric options offered, but the green (pictured) is really my favorite.


Kallio Boys Hooded Shirt

Hooded Shirt—Flannel

I’m a sucker for anything with a hood, especially when combined with flannel, maybe it’s the moody, aging grunge-kid in me.  I love that the hood is also lined in a contrasting material.

And last, but certainly not least…


Kallio Baby One Piece

One Piece—Pocket—Organic Cotton

It’s a onesie with a giant flannel pocket.  Do I really need to say anything else? In case I do, I will say that the onesie material is 100% organic cotton. Only the best for my babies.

I have a feeling that my future children are going to be better dressed than I am.

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