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Laura Marling’s Luscious Short Film, When the Brave Bird Saved

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.44.42 PM

Laura Marling‘s songwriting and talents have been compared to Joni Mitchell; I honestly think Marling might be slightly higher on my personal list of singer-songwriters (and I’ve been a Joni fan my whole adult life). Marling’s prolific output and incredibly deep lyrics are almost too easy to ignore when listening to her evocative voice that moves from girlish innocence to raspy aged babushka in a few notes.

But she’s put all of that together with some incredible images to boot (it’s almost too much to take in!) in the short film “When the Brave Bird Saved” (below). It is an incredibly gorgeous film, hearkening back to the days when music videos meant something.

It begins with: “Remember sleep? Remember dreams? Things are not as they seem…”

I highly recommend you full-screen this one.


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Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.46.07 PM
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