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Tabii Just Takes on Fall Fashion with Zero Waste Tobago Scarves

Hummingbird Love Scarf

Living in New York City, it’s hard to escape the common and drab fall uniform which usually includes wading in a sea of  black jeans, grey sweaters, black boots, and black coats. The monotony of those dark colors weighs heavy against the overcast skyscraper-ed skies. So it’s with excitement that I thank the fashion goddesses for Tabii Just.

On October 27th I attended Tabii Just’s Tobago Scarf collection launch, and lost my heart to the brand’s vibrant scarf designs. Proudly Made In New York and eco-friendly, Tabii Just has remixed fall accessories with its new collection of scarves whose design inspiration sprung from the lush, colorful, and diverse Caribbean island of Tobago. These ringing colors are sure to turn up the temperature of those cold, dark, fall wardrobes.


The Tobago scarves are made out of a exactly one yard of fabric to ensure that not a single strip of textile is wasted. This makes for a true infinity scarf that excels at snuggly wrapping itself around your neck. The scarves are fashioned with a light but warm fabric that comes in various cheerful prints such as Hummingbird Love and Ocean Breeze—both inspired by the waters, and national bird of Tobago. I adore my Ocean Breeze scarf. I live for a stripe print moment even in the dead of winter.


Not only are the Tabii Just Tobago scarves warm, and fun, they were also designed with a functional edge.  Engineered with the breastfeeding mother in mind,  the scarves also serve as feeding coverup for chic mothers on the go. Not a mother myself, I was still excited to find out that my accessory served as part of a very important life ritual! The Tobago scarves are the best baby and fashion friendly gift for expectant mothers. Scarves truly are the ultimate life accessory—it’s great to find an earth and community loving brand that has perfected its design.

Nautical Element Scarf with baby

As I left the launch, scarf around my neck, pampered, and in awe of the my ocean breeze scarf’s softness, it dawned on me that the Tobago scarf would be a perfect place to start building an eco-friendly closet. They make great Christmas gifts and fit virtually everyone, regardless of size. Go ahead and score a beautiful, vibrant and flirty Tobago scarf on the Tabii Just site. Enjoy fashion that’s functional, warm, and exciting this fall. The Tobago scarves are for everyone that like to carry a touch of fabulousness with them throughout all seasons.

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Chrislande Dorcilus is a writer living in Brooklyn, and ever proud of the cliché. She loves feminism, humor, sustainable architecture, and poetry. She hates to love to hate New York, compares bathrooms around the city, avoids the Six train, and misses the ocean. Chrislande is a proud former editorial intern, and blog contributor to the loved feminist publication, BUST Magazine. She hopes to see you at one of their spectacular BUST Craftacular events in Brooklyn this year. She has written for various fashion and media sources online, and is more than excited to delve into the eco-world with “y’all.”