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5 Super Moisturizing Beauty Products to Keep Summer Skin Soft and Beautiful

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I have ridiculously dry and sensitive skin, and the summer heat is anything but kind to it. A two minute walk into the New York City sun, and my pores break out in a slowly peppered heat rash all over my face. So, in the summer, I am extra motivated to keep my skin hydrated and healthy. The past few months have been a great time to try a variety of hydrating and nourishing skin products, and below are some of the best that I have run across.

PUR 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation


I have recently decided to detox my makeup routine. I don’t wear it as much, and when I do, I try to stick to a cruelty free mineral powder.  In my search for something healthy, it was hard for a darker skinned woman to access a great skin matching mineral makeup that didn’t leave my face with an ashy, and dry tint. PUR minerals has managed to make a great mineral powder foundation that not only covers well, but does it with SPF 15. I am so pleased with PUR’s offerings that I also use their foundation primer, mascara, and mineral blush. Mineral makeup isn’t the most moisturizing choice in the world, but combined with the rest of the products on this list, I have been able to keep my skin happy and radiant!


Burt’s Bees Radiance Night Creme with Royal Jelly

radiance royal jelly

When I told one of my best female friends that Burt’s Bees made a full line of natural beauty products, she didn’t believe me. When I told her that they made one of the best night creams that I have tried, she completely dismissed me. How could a lip balm company know anything about effective beauty products? I had to prove it to her. Burt’s Bees Radiance Night Creme with Royal Jelly is one of the best moisturizers that I have ever used, and I have been through quite a few–Aveeno, Ponds, Ambi. You name it, I’ve used it. But a real problem, I find, with face moisturizers is that they to go on too thick, and I sweat them off into my pillow. Thankfully, due to the natural ingredients of this product, the night creme glides on smooth, and my skin just drinks it up. You’re probably wondering: “What is royal jelly?” The simple answer is that it’s a bee product, like honey, except it’s what bees use to feed their babies. Royal Jelly is known to be full of vitamin B, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory!


Tatcha LUMINOUS Deep Hydrating Firming Serum

tatcha-water-collection-luminous-deep-hydration-eye-mask-serum-review-09 (1)

When I was trying out this Tatcha LUMINOUS deep hydrating firming serum, I was a bit tickled by all the claims. Could ancient Geisha secrets cure me of all my summer skin woes while firming my skin? I quickly learned that Tatcha makes a very deep moisturizing luxury beauty product. Not for the faint of skin, I would not recommend this deep hydration for everyday use. But, like hair, your skin needs a day of deep moisture every week, especially in the summer. The Okinawa red algae and hyaluronic acid formula used in this product is a great addition to your daily/nightly natural skin regimen. P.S: If you find yourself wondering why your skin is so radiant after each use, don’t worry, it’s just the 23 Karat Gold infused in serum.


Clairvoyant Beauty Rosehips Serum




Yes, this list has two serums because my dry skin means that I’m a multi-serum kinda gal. Clairvoyant Beauty really knows how to make great natural skin care products with trackable results!  This serum smells heavenly, and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.  This is a great serum to help tackle blemish spots on the skin because rosehips are full of astringents, anti-oxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. Like most of the products that I have been using this summer, a little of this stuff goes a long way! Also this serum is vegan, and chock full of cooling and nourishing aloe.

Clairvoyant Beauty Cooling Cucumber Mask


cooling cucumber mask


Clairvoyant Beauty has managed to make one of my most favorite skincare products EVER! I love cucumbers. I love eating, and drinking them. They make a great and cooling addition to…everything.  So, to find out that I could use a cooling cucumber mask on my irritated dry skin made me super excited. This mask is a cooling face gel that absorbs quickly, moisturizes, and the smell is just heavenly. Reminds me of a delicious cucumber mint mojito. Not only can you use this product as a the mask–put on for five minutes and wash off, you can also use it as a daily face moisturizer! A little goes a very long, and fragrant way. The cooling effect of the cucumber has considerably diminished the heat rashes that I am prone to on my face.


Glass of water

Healthy summer skin is all about staying hydrated and moisturized. I think that water also deserves it’s spot on the list. It goes without saying that the best way to keep moisturized is to drink lots of wonderfully cool water!

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