Nouveau Novo


This past Saturday I was meeting a few friends for dinner at a new tucked-away restaurant called Novo on the outskirts of Tribeca/Soho. As we were waiting for the rest of our party, I couldn’t help but notice the finishes and fixtures used in the restaurant’s interior. I asked our waiter if he knew if the restaurant was intentionally designed in an eco-friendly matter. I figured correctly.

The first green flag was the menu printed on recycled paper and then the fact that both the main bar and the open kitchen prep wall was faced with cork tiles. The wallpaper throughout the space is made from hemp, and reclaimed thin brushed metal sheets accent some of the walls. The light fixtures were made from recycled glass and non-bleached paper shades. The over all palette appeared to be neutral crèmes, chocolate browns and petrified woods.

Projectors are used to cast floral graphic images on adjacent screens. This allows for a wide variety of decorative art without have to hang up a new piece of canvas or paper every so often.

Although Novo doesn’t use organic veggies, they do only use local produce and suppliers to create their unique dishes. The overall menu is an eclectic palette of Latin American dishes and drink specials. Being that Novo is still new, they do not yet have their liquor license so its BYO. So although there is no organic wine on the list you’re more than welcome to bring your own and they will even turn it into a fabulous sangria for your table.

I do have to say that the portion size for  most of the menu items is fairly small and this is the type of restaurant that you go on a 1st date because you can share amazing appetizers and not feel ashamed to order what you really want later since it will be a small portion. The food is amazing and an average meal (appetizer & entrée) will run you about $20-$30.

Go There: Novo, 290 Hudson St., New York, NY
Call: 212.989.6410