Parisian—and Planet—Approved Canned Rose Wine (What? YES!)


Bout Time Wine’s canned rose is a no-fuss way to enjoy wine everywhere, be it poolside, rooftop, beach, or picnic. 

Few things are better than savoring a chilled rosé outside with friends, family or your love. She has a knack for pairing perfectly with our favorite summer settings: A hazy day at the beach. A good farm-to-table barbeque. A concert or music festival.

But the hassle of lugging heavy wine bottles, remembering a corkscrew and enough cups, and then fumbling to figure out how and where to recycle the empty wine bottles, cups and wine corks, is nothing short of annoying. And let’s be real: Most people who enjoy wine in the great outdoors wind up not recycling the bottles (mainly because it isn’t convenient for them) and they’re not using reusable cups, for the same reason. So millions of plastic cups make their way into our landfills every year, joining the too-much-garbage that’s already there.


Rosé wine sales are growing at least 10 times faster than the growth of overall table wine sales, according to Nielsen research.

I discovered Bout Time Wine this spring and my leisurely outdoor rosé consumption experience has improved significantly. I took Bout Time’s cans with me to the Great Lawn in Central Park last week for a New York Philharmonic concert. I was joined by my Parisian cousin Alyosha and his fiancée, Astrid, who were on holiday in New York, as well as my boyfriend Bryan.

The 100 percent California Syrah was a hit and impressed the more refined palates of our French company. Can and all. With notes of fresh fruit and a crisp finish, we found Bout Time to be just what you want in a rosé: not to sweet, not too dry.

Also, not too serious. Drinking a delicious rosé out of a can was surprisingly a lot of fun. Who needs the pretense and fuss that comes with a traditional bottle of wine when you simply want some chilled wine in the park or on the beach?

The clean up was a walk in the park, too. Literally. I brought a reusable bag with me to collect the cans and simply discarded them in one of the 700 recycling cans in Central Park. Voila!

You can find out where you can pick up Bout Time here.


Join Eco-Chick at Bout Time Wine’s launch party at the Sloppy Tuna in Montauk.

The New York City-based company is throwing a launch party on Saturday, June 27, in Montauk, NY. Heading to the Hamptons this weekend? Join us! I’ll be there. We can sip canned  Bout Time Wine together in our suits (and not feel beer bloated!).


When: June 27, 2015

Location: The Sloppy Tuna, 148 Emerson Avenue, Montauk, NY

Time: 2pm

Hashtag: #CanTheGlass



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