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Passion Lilie’s Fair-Trade Print Fabulousness: How I Wear Eco Fashion



I was thrilled to try out a couple of Passion Lilie‘s fabulous eco fashions recently; I could tell, even before they arrived in the mail, that I was going to just LOVE their prints—and they were even lovelier IRL than I had imagined.

You know how it can be, when you think something is going to be so cool when you buy it online and then it shows up and is a disappointing version of your vision? Passion Lillie is the opposite of that. AND it’s affordable, as well as ethical.

I put together an outfit for a day of running errands on foot, based on the Passion Lillie pieces, and the above is what I came up with!

This is how I wear eco fashion.

T H E   E N S E M B L E

Passion Lilie Elephant Tote Bag is hand-blockprinted with a sweet, whimsical design; the dyes used for the print are plant-based and naturally colorful.

Passion Lilie Spinnaker Pant in blue and grey. The awesomely print, is “handwoven and dyed through the art of resist dying,” and these are Designed in New Orleans, and made in India by Fair Trade workers.


As you can see both above and below, the pants have slits in the sides of the legs (only to about the knee) so you can tie them up for a very cool (and naturally air-conditioned) look—or leave them down and all flowy…..either way they are perfect relaxed summer pants. What you can’t see in my pictures is the nicely tailored waist—but these could definitely work with a blouse or tank tucked in—they aren’t just a drawstring waist (do to the Passion Lillie site to see what I mean.)

Bhava Sadie Sandal: I just keep choosing these sandals to wear with every outfit; they are great for long walks, but have way more style than my other good-for-trekking-around-town shoes. Made from long-lasting, supersoft vegan suede, these are my second pair of Bhavas and definitely not my last!


Rose Quartz Necklace: From Chrysalism on Etsy, my new go-to for crystals, which I much prefer to jewels….

Arrowhead Ring: I found this beauty at my favorite shop in Berkeley, Foxglove. It’s by Zoe & Sage, and is handmade in L.A.




Dumpster-dived Slip from Anthropologie: When I lived in NYC, I regularly found clothing in the garbage at the Anthro on 5th Avenue. The slip above is one of those pieces—I love it, it fits me perfectly, and it was free!

Ukush Fair Trade Scarf: This jewel-toned scarf from Guatemala isn’t printed—like the pants, it’s actually woven with the pattern in mind. “The threads used are spun, hand dyed and spooled in the thread making town of Salcaja in Guatemala. The scarves are designed and expertly hand woven using the traditional backstrap looms by the women of San Antonio Palopa, a small village on the shores of Lake Atitlan.”


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Disclosure: I was provided some (not all) of the items in this story at no cost. However, styling is 100% my own and I received no compensation to write about any of these brands. I only cover clothes in the “How I Wear Eco Fashion” column  whose ethics I appreciate and whose style works for me—in other words, stuff I would choose to spend my own money on. 

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