S4: Sustainability Trends in Fashion


You can say you heard it from the horse’s mouth. S4 is launching this month with its premier issue on MOSO (bamboo). We went a little overboard with the design of this one…believe me, subsequent newsletters will not be 50+ pages long. The full report is available via consultation, and you can sign up here to download. As a side note, the newsletter may just be as appealing to people outside of the fashion industry (as well as to those on the inside)…we touch on topics of sustainable economic development, ecology, and forest management. Read more about it on our company website here and below.

S4 is the fashion industry insider on sustainability. It takes a hardcore, in-depth approach beyond market hype. By coupling on-the-ground interviews with multi-disciplinary research, S4 cuts through the crap and begins taking a look at what sustainability really means when it comes to the stuff we wear.