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Soul Track Thursday: Sam Smith’s Voice Blows Us Away

courtesy of Clear Channel
courtesy of Clear Channel

Sam Smith, the talented Brit Soul singer, has blown us away. On a June 18th appearance on Letterman, the singer used his soulfully sonic voice to reach into the love groove of our hearts. His performance left the audience in excited awe, and astounded Letterman in this live performance—choir included.  The exquisite clearness of Sam Smith’s voice is a perfect midday stress reliever. This song is so well performed that I think it ends to soon. It’s so great self soothing through this workday with a passionate tune. The single, “Stay with Me,” is available on Smith’s new album, In The Lonely Hour. You can purchase the deluxe edition on itunes.

Catch the performance here:

And if that’s not enough soul for you—I know it wasn’t for me—check out Smith’s cover of the classic Whitney Houston song, “How Will I Know,” for Sirius Radio. He takes this  high energy pop sound, and turns into a contemplative, and nostalgic love song. Most covers of Whitney’s songs try not to stray from her patented brand of high energy vocal acrobatics, but what Sam Smith does here is magical. I can’t seem to get enough of him! Sam Smith will inject enough loving soul into your workday to last a whole week.

Isn’t he doing a great job at reinterpreting a classic?

I’m fangirl-ing hard on this bleu-eyed soul vocalist, but if your day is in need of something more upbeat? Get a load of Ok Go’s newest visual treat.

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