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The Glorious Man-Bun: An Appreciation


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man (single or otherwise) in possession of a good head of hair must be in want of a hair-elastic and our undying appreciation.

Maybe it’s the recent popularity of  man-bun devotee Cary Fukunaga‘s True Detective (which, by the way, was as awesome as it was hyped up to be) but men with longer tresses seem to be cropping up (bad pun, sorry) everywhere—from Jake Gyllenhal to Brads Pitt and Cooper, above.

Also to blame? The delicious Jared Leto.


Love for the bun, less love for the shiny scarf.

Buzzfeed has recently assembled a lovely gallery of man-buns… No, not those! The hair-do man-buns.

Their list is quite comprehensive, but here is a curated collection of the Eco-Chick favorites. I gave them Eco-Chick-or-Dude friendly occupations and/or backstories; your imagination can do the rest! Choose your own adventure!


This blue-eyed sweetie is the guy who volunteers at the local animal shelter, where you met while adopting a senior dog. He collects vintage cameras.


This enigmatic gent builds furniture from recycled materials. You met at the library. He loves to travel.


This thoughtful-looking man is a friend-of-a-friend. He is very shy, so you introduced yourself at a party and found out that he teaches GED classes.


This lovely fella is a wildlife photographer. You met at a screening of Blackfish. He likes to cook.


This sharply dressed man looks so much like Rust Cohle it is scary (in a good way). He designs and markets solar panels. You met at Moo Shoes; he was buying socks.

I do feel like the original Buzzfeed list could have used a little more ethnic diversity, but I had fun coming up with these stories. There’s lots more diversity (man-buns for every dude!) over at the excellent Tumblr, Fuck Yeah, Man Buns.

Are you an appreciator of the man-bun? I did notice that a lot of these gorgeous guys had amazing beards as well. We here at Eco-Chick are huge fans of beards; have you seen our flower-beard roundup?

Tell me your thoughts on short hair, long hair, and everything in between, here in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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