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Threads 4 Thought’s Ethical, Affordable, Printastic Clothes: How I Wear Eco Fashion


Threads 4 Thought (T4T) makes superfun, affordable clothes—with a sustainable spirit. I’m so impressed with their ethics, from using organic cotton (sometimes mixed with modal or recycled polyester), to working directly with their sewers in China to ensure they are making a fair wage. (Check out the company’s origin story, it is SO adorable! Let’s just say it involves a sweet couple, a lot of passion, and thoughtful celebrities.)

I got a chance to try the Kaleidoscope leggings shown above and below (95% organic cotton/5% spandex) and I love them for four very important reasons. 1. That insane/awesome print! 2. They aren’t skimpily cut like several leggings I have had to return recently—I have an actual butt and I do prefer it to be fully covered (and for the fabric not look all stretched out, which just makes me feel like my butt is huge, when in reality it’s that the leggings aren’t made with good quality material) 3. Speaking of butts, my partner, Simon, told me mine looked ‘awesome’ in these (!!) 4. They are soft and after I washed them, even softer. Thick without feeling too hot, and definitely nicely breathable.


How incredible are the colors in Mexico? The yellow walls of the hacienda we are staying in are too delicious.

I haven’t yet mentioned that Threads 4 Thought also partners with awesome environmental organizations; currently they are working with New Roots, a community gardens food-project by the International Rescue Committee. If you spend $100 or more on their site, 10% goes directly to New Roots, a program that lawyer, First Lady, ubermom and gardener Michelle Obama has praised. And speaking of moms, right now, you can take 20% off (use the code mothersday) for Mother’s Day on all women’s styles.


Leaving Portland (check my Pendleton bag paired with my Threads 4 Thought dress!) to head to Mexico….

The Benny Hi-Lo dress in multi (above and below) has also been an ideal travel companion; it’s so comfy, (but not in a sweatpants-way), that I wore it on the flights down to Mexico. And you know if I’m wearing something on the plane, it’s going to be soft, easy-to-wear and look cute too, because I’m not down with slobbin’ to fly—my grandma raised me to dress nicely when travelling!

This dress isn’t available on the site quite yet; I got a sneak preview to try out. However, check out T4T’s other dresses (a couple use the same fabric, a lovely organic cotton/modal jersey blend).


Walking the cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 13 hours later!

After working hard to get people to think about who made their clothes with the very successful Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th (which recognized the victims of the Rana Plana factory collapse in Bangladesh) knowing how my clothes were made is more important than ever. I really admire Thread 4 Thought’s commitment to fair wages while still making a product that’s affordable, and well-designed too.

Who made my cute hi-lo dress and comfy leggings? One of these women, pictured on T4T’s site. Thanks Ladies! (That’s company co-founder Eric Fleet on the bottom right.)


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