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Droolworthy Vegan Shoes: Arden Wohl Collabs with Cri de Coeur

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The spring, 2014 collaboration between designer Arden Wohl and vegan shoe label Cri de Coeur is, as you can see, quite unique and incredibly springy/summery, with a nod to surrealism and containing a certain dreaminess. Cri de Coeur (“Cry from the Heart en Francais) is the brainchild of Julie Dicterow and Gina Ferraraccio, who make their label’s shoes with not just animal-free (they are a PETA-approved fashion label), materials, but sustainable ones as well.

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According to the description on the collaboration’s page:

The late 19th Century Art movement, Symbolism is the inspiration for the Spring / Summer 2014 Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur collection. It is the idea that art should represent absolute truths that can only be described indirectly. AW+CDC believe this undeniable truth is ethical consumerism, and attracting a new ideal not by persuasion, but through artistic expression. Creating products that are in favor of spirituality, imagination and dreams, as did the symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, we bring recognition to a new way of living that will permeate the fashion market.

Shop the full collection here.

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