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Vintage Capes for Every Taste: All Under $100!


When I get dressed each morning, I decide what movie I want to be in that day. Looking at clothing as a costume completely reinvents my morning experience.

If you want to inject some movie-style drama (and warmth!) into your fall/winter wardrobe, look no further than the next cape! Capes are not just for super-heroines! A great way to keep your purchases eco-friendly is to purchase vintage items, so I’ve rounded up the best vintage capes that Etsy has to offer. These bring the drama for a variety of tastes, and they are all under $100!


Etsy Tweed Cape

If you want to take your fashion cues from films like Mona Lisa Smile, this cape is a perfect fall choice. It’s a wool tweed piece from the 1960s, lined with raw silk. Purchase here from Babe Loves Jazz for $98.



Etsy Red Cape

I love this Little Red Riding Hood style cape from the 1960s –although that mannequin is going to give me some serious nightmares… Uncanny Valley, anyone? The cape is made from merino wool and has an attached matching scarf. It’s available from Rosa’s Vintage Finds for $98.



Etsy Peach Cape

For the days when you feel like channeling Audrey Hepburn in Wait Until Dark or How to Steal a Million (two criminally-underrated Hepburn films), you can don this gorgeous peach cape. The 1960s vintage cape is wool, with a nylon lining, and is available from Alison Michel for $95.



Etsy Green Cape

This bright green cape channels the updated vintage style of the late “Lonely Tourist” Charlotte Charles, aka “Chuck,” in the gone-too-soon masterpiece Pushing Daisies. This tapestry cape is from the 1970’s, but still feels so contemporary, like a lost Alexander McQueen. I love the crisp silhouette provided by the black braided edge. You can find it from seller Dabber Decades, for only $88.70.



Etsy Gray Cape

Sometimes you just want a garment that will wrap you in strength, even if it is borrowed. As soon as I saw this cape, I thought of Joan of Arc. This hand-woven cape from the 1970’s seems to possess the same femininity and strength that is attributed to Saint Joan. For the days when you could use an extra bit of ferocity (and warmth!), this wool piece from Polomocha is exactly what you need (especially for $45.27).

Get dressed each day like you are the star of a movie; you deserve no less. And remember that vintage purchases are good for the planet (and often your wallet)! If you want to picture out how it would look on you, products like a poseable mannequin can be utilized.

Do you have a favorite vintage piece? Do you take your style inspiration from certain films or stories? Flap your cape at me and tell me all about it on Twitter, Facebook, or here in the comments!

Main image via Rachel.Adamas/Flickr

Veronica Goin is the editorial intern at Eco-Chick.com, and a freelance writer living in The Hudson Valley. She has a BA in English and in Visual Art, because she was incapable of choosing between the two. In her free time, she can be found conducting and photographing vegan and gluten-free kitchen experiments. She likes to hike with her partner, rescue stray cats, get tattoos, collect Stephen King books and vintage dresses, and contemplate feminist themes in everything from Jane Austen to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She is on a holy quest for the perfect vegan sunscreen. Veronica shares way too many kitty pictures on Instagram: @veglovesgf And gets overwhelmed on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/veglovesgf/ Asks questions on Twitter: @veglovesgf And writes recipes on http://www.veglovesgf.wordpress.com