Whimsical Lu Flux Introduces the Over The Hills Collection


Once upon a time dress up was a norm not saved for Halloween. Oversized sweaters and enormous shoes were a fashionable outfit to wear to the ball or to tea with furred friends.


Somehow it never occurs to us that if we dress up a little more we would feel brilliant and renewed. Just a little hint of sparkle or a different shade of blue can make the weather feel less brisk too. Work appropriate clothes should not be bland but should stand out and define the land.


The frost will appear within the next months and its never been easier to think back to warmer weeks.

In the summer and spring new collections arise and this season bores forth spectacular flurries are bold patterns and vibrant colors.

Lu Flux presents their collection for two-thousand-and eleven and unveils a fantastical creation.

It is not their first, but it is their best because the clothes that come forth stun their viewers (aren’t you?).

Lu Flux is sustainable and eco-conscious too for all their creations take the old and make the new.


Lu Flux takes organic and vintage fabrics and molds them in to their modern men’s and women’s collections to represent an antithesis to the modern trend of expandable fashion.

Thus Lu Flux does not consume and wastes less.


The newest collection mentioned above is called Over the Hills and Far Away and demonstrates how dress up is not a mere form of recreation but an assertive skill.

Cinderella-like in its fantastical form, the woman is accompanied via ribbon and tweets and soon a beautiful dress appears at her feet.


The dress is one from several and demonstrates an enormous use of color. The rest of the dresses feature quiltwork patterns like quaint little houses with trees and a sunrise.

Some dresses have pinwheel like geometric shapes or muted down blues. The patterns adorn different variations of form from overalls to shirts to sweaters and skirts. The billow-out pant is cute to pair with their matched top.

Over The Hills And Far Away… Lu Flux Spring/Summer 2011 from Neil O'Driscoll on Vimeo.

Some of the patterns come in suit form so a man and a woman both adorn.

The men have various sweaters and jackets with mountainous hills and six different patterns.


Lu Flux also created foot wear for Green Shoes which is of course chic with that extra flair.

The dresses are cute for work with a black sweater or for a cocktail event with a pair of tights. The pants can be worn with their matched tops for a weekend vacation out at the shore. The unique overalls are a perfect substitution to the usual lunch attire.


Lu Flux’s sustainable eco-chic attire takes dress up to a whole new level.

Haley Sherif holds a B.F.A. in creative nonfiction writing from Emerson College. Born & raised in Manhattan, she's currently living in Brooklyn pursuing her dream to write. As an eager fourteen year old she originally joined the Eco-Chick team as an intern, several years later she's happy to be back. Her writing and design projects can be found on her personal site, haleykamilla.com, as well as on The Culture-ist and later and in Perversion's June, 2016 issue.