100% Pure

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A couple of months ago I was standing in the check-in line at LAX and someone was frantically decanting lotion into a small container to bring onto our flight. I was standing next to him, and I could smell vanilla, coconut, and warm caramel. Being obsessed with scents, I had to ask what was wafting through the air. The ticket agent quickly flipped his flat screen around and showed me the website for 100% Pure. A few of the agents and the passenger were sniffing and giddy about this ‘dream cream,’ as he called it. He let me get a good whiff and I was hooked.

100% Pure is the brainchild of Susie Wang. One day, while out picking blackberries, it occurred to Susie that she needed to figure out a way to make cosmetics and beauty products from completely natural ingredients. Her inspiration helped to generate a line of products that are all natural, vegan (or vegetarian when honey is used,) synthetic fragrance free, paraben free, toxin free, and without the use of added water, thickeners, or emulsifiers.

The facial care line left my skin feeling clean, not stripped. The Organic Lavender Sea Foam Cleanser got my skin feeling squeaky, without feeling overly dry, but it is for more oily/problem skin. In the winter, when skin gets drier, the Organic Lavender Honey Facial Cleansing Foam would be a good choice. It is milder than the Sea Foam, but leaves the face feeling cleansed.

I followed with the Organic White Tea Rose toner and Nourishing Facial Oil. I also used the Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream.

The toner feels nice and soothing. The red rose and rich, red fruits used in the toner, along with the chamomile and lavender, smell yummy and mild. It has no alcohol and just leaves the skin feeling supple. The Nourishing Facial Oil also made my skin feel really soothed. The Eye Cream smells like a hazelnut torte or some other delicious, nutty dessert. This cream is purported to have phenomenal effects for some – lifting eye circles and minimizing puffiness. I did find it to have a lifting for me. I have tried a lot of different eye products and most of them do little to nothing, other than moisturize. This cream seemed to really make my eyes feel and look less tired. Everything is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory fruits and herbs, to help the skin process toxins and age gracefully.

The body care line is amazing. I have never smelled rich creams and scrubs like this that are totally natural and so edible. The Organic Virgin Coconut cream smells like a coconut cream pie, warm, milky and nutty. This cream feels fantastic. It is very moisturizing with softening fruit oils and hydrating coconut oil. Yum! Everyone who smelled this on me had something to say or wanted to find some immediately. I also use the Mango Body Butter, which is very concentrated – a little goes a long way. This citrus fragrance is light and leaves you feeling fresh and glowing.

In the shower, if you are looking for a delicious body scrub, the Organic Blood Orange Juicy Body Scrub is fantastic as well. They make an Organic Coconut Body Scrub, and I bet it is amazing. I also used the Organic Pomegranate Body Cream, which literally smells like Twizzlers. I used to eat those horrendous artificial red #lord-knows-what when I’d go to the movies as a kid (impending tummy ache following of course.) This cream totally reminded me of them, only not as ‘fake’ smelling. I also tried the Organic Lavender, which was really nice. It was simple and just smelled like pure lavender, not overly oily or processed.

The cosmetics line of 100% is completely derived from fruits and Organics. The line has a lip gloss that is not sticky at all – just leaves a nice, moisturizing shine. The lip/cheek tints are enhancing and sheer. My favorite is the mascara, which is made from organic green tea, black tea, and seaweed powder! It sounds like some new-fad diet, but it leaves the lashes long and defined. I never wear much makeup, but when I do, it consists of a bit of bronzer or cheek tint, gloss and mascara. I also tried the Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer which is made from cocoa, of course. It is very light and doesn’t leave one looking orange or unnaturally tinted.

100% Pure has a patent pending process that allows the company to bypass synthetics as well as avoiding concentrated essential oils that are limited in variety. Through cold-pressing, they developed a way to capture the scents of nectarine, blackberry, coconut, or any fruit or vegetable. This method allows retention of the vitality and healing properties of the botanicals, generating a line of products that are bursting with flavor and nourishing vitamins. The company uses only post-consumer plastics and glass to package their items, as well. 100% Pure is fun, fragrant and fresh – purely delicious!