Blissoma: Possibly the Most Natural (and Affordable!) Skincare Line Yet


As a green beauty blogger, I get a lot of pitches, and I’d say a solid 70% of them are from companies that don’t really even know what ‘natural’ means. Hey, it’s a somewhat ambiguous word, and certainly not one you can trust to mean anything on a label. Hence, the requests I get to review products that contain parabens, harsh fragrances and other toxins. It’s like they think adding some essential oil or herbs to a conventional product makes it ‘eco’.

That’s why companies like Irie Star are so refreshing. Their ‘Blissoma’ skincare line is about as natural as it gets, short of creating your own homemade products. It’s all 100% natural and vegetarian, and all ingredients are disclosed – no hiding behind vague words like “fragrance”.

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Furthermore, every ingredient has an active purpose – you won’t find fillers that are just there to give the formula an attractive color or texture. Instead it’s got ingredients that smell fantastic, like frankincense and bergamot, but also provide benefits for the skin.

I got to try out the ‘Fresh – Mild Rice Cleanser’ and ‘Smooth – A+ Moisture Serum’. The cleanser is gentle and mild, moisturizing without a greasy feel. Some people might not be crazy about the texture, which is sort of thin with little bits of natural exfoliants, but it works, and that’s really what matters, isn’t it?

The light and toning moisture serum is just the balancing act that my somewhat breakout-prone, ruddy combination skin needs – its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients clear the pores while jojoba provides light moisture. Maybe a little too light, if you’ve got dry spots – I mixed in some of my regular moisturizer as needed.

And guess what? Blissoma products are actually affordable. Almost everything, from their intense moisturizer for aging skin to their lightweight spray-on lotion, is under $20 – and you can get a starter set of four full-sized products for a one-time-only deal of $25.

Stephanie Rogers is a fashion- and beauty-obsessed freelance writer with an abiding love for kale and organic wine, living in Asheville, North Carolina.