Eco Chick’s Heroines for the Planet: Josie Maran

She’s a top model, actress, hot mama, businesswoman and one of the world’s most recognizable women in green. So it’s only natural that Josie Maran would be the first in a fun new series of interviews Eco Chick will be doing with green movers and shakers, Eco Chick’s Heroines for Planet Earth!


The organic beauty entrepreneur has brought natural, eco-friendly cosmetics to the masses with Josie Maran Cosmetics, a brand that proves beyond a doubt that going green can be glamorous. Pure, gentle and non-toxic, Josie Maran Cosmetics are also sophisticated and always in tune with the season’s hottest trends.

I talked to Josie about weird trends, foundation faux pas and what’s next for JMC.

SR: What’s the ugliest makeup trend you ever tried and wore out the door?

JM: I’ve always kept it pretty subtle except for bright red of course. But i remember wearing bleeding blue eye shadow with too much black eyeliner, dirty brown skin, and sloppy hair to an event once…ooops!

SR: Do you see women on the street and want to tackle them and redo their makeup?

JM: There are many faux pas but the worst is when you can see that dark foundation line under the jaw line. Blend ladies! The whole point of foundation is to look like you are not wearing makeup.

SR: Do you spy any big trends in makeup for 2010?

JM: I spy lots of gold with pops of turquoise for the eyes and confident blush wearing women!!

SR: What’s next for your makeup line – any new and exciting products coming out soon?

JM: I’m so excited to be launching my new spring collection with new, vibrant shades in the Natural Wonders Palette, and an innovative skin and hair product. I want women to feel beautiful and empowered. The spring 2010 campaign is called “I Am” and I want women to fill in the blank. For me “I am a Natural Wonder” is powerful and beautiful, two things i want women to feel when they wear the collection!

SR: What are your three favorite, can’t-live-without-them products and why?

JM: 1. Josie Maran 100% Organic Argan Oil– I use this morning and night—it’s my beauty secret to naturally glowing skin. Argan Oil is great as a moisturizer for the face but can be used all over body too. A little goes along way. I love putting it on before I apply my tinted moisturizer for beautiful dewy skin! And it’s also great for hair and nails.

2. The Jo Wood Organics Line– I love this line because they use the highest grade of essential oils and plant extracts in their product formulas. My favorite is the Usiku Organic Body Oil.

3. Rare Elements Essential Conditioner – This conditioner is amazing and it smells great. It can be used every day but a great tip is to leave it in the hair before rinsing for about 15-20 minutes. It’s also a great deep conditioning treatment.

Thanks, Josie!

The Argan-infused Natural Wonders palette officially launches in February – but you can get it now at Sephora.com. The colors are lush, bright and gorgeous for spring and summer. It packs $80 worth of eyeshadow, blush and bronzer into an adorable butterfly-adorned compact.

Check out more gorgeous green makeup from Josie Maran Cosmetics at Sephora.


Stephanie Rogers is a fashion- and beauty-obsessed freelance writer with an abiding love for kale and organic wine, living in Asheville, North Carolina.