Gorgeous! World’s Biggest Tree Captured in One Photograph


This incredible image, made up of 126 individual photographs, was put together by National Geographic for their issue “Giant Trees.” It is of a giant sequoia, nicknamed “The President” which is 247 feet tall, and is about 3,200 years old. Read more about the world’s biggest tree here.

I have been a treehugger for as long as I can remember; (proof, the picture of me below hugging a palm tree on Punaluu beach on the Big Island of Hawaii).

Starre Treehugging

Since I’ve been out in Oregon for the past few months, I’ve been seeking out Old Growth trees (follow my Instagram feed to check out my finds—the shot below is from about a week ago) and reveling in the unique and fantastic ecosystems they are the center of.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 2.41.57 PM

So naturally I was pretty excited to find this National Geographic photo (top) and video (below) of one of the world’s most giant trees. You can find old growth trees near you (yes, there are some groves on the East Coast and South too), using this incredibly comprehensive list.

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