Idbids for Kids

Waverly, the aquatic Idbid.

The Idbids Kit for kids encourages play, learning and caring the earth. Always on the lookout for toys that will inspire my children to love nature, Idbids offers a cute, eco-friendly option.

The kit contains organic Egyptian cotton toys, a bright storybook that is unique, a canvas bag, and a Field Guide to plant the seeds of ecological stewardship. Reminiscent of claymation movies, the adorable storybook features photographs of the stuffed toys in various settings taking “iddy biddy steps” toward a greener, cleaner planet.

On the company’s website, kids can sign up for their certificate of completion, once they have finished working with the Idbid Kit Field Guide that lists ten ways to be more sustainable in everyday life, such as, “color on both sides of the page to double the masterpieces.”

Encouraging positive action and simple steps, the field guide helps to get kids involved and feel motivated by their own ability to care for their environment. Idbids are a great gift for little ones.

Group Shot + Kit - Final