Tesla Unveils the New Model X (and Watch Elon Musk Adorably Nerd Out!)


When I was recently at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, I got a chance to check out the Tesla Model S, an electric sportscar through and through, and it’s a damn hot car. And yesterday, Tesla showed us all the Model X, a crossover vehicle, which fits seven full-size adults, and has those AMAZINGLY cool (and actually more functional) gullwing doors (check out 16:00 for the reveal).


And a hatch! Love hatches, you can fit SO much more in a car with a hatch than one with a trunk.

With this move, Tesla is moving from the cool-car only market to the cool and super-useful car market. Whether you have kids, have stuff to haul, or run a business wherein you need to move people and stuff often, this crossover car is a sustainably stylish option, and it’s made in Fremont, California. As a bonus, you even add some accessories like those car sun shades.


If you are lucky enough to live in Vermont, you can plug your car in and have almost no CO2 footprint from your driving habit (the Green Mountain State leads the country in clean energy production). But even if you live in a state with less stellar energy creation, you will still be saving CO2 emissions by using a plug-in electric vehicle like this one. Check out all the stats and details on Tesla’s site.

The video is pretty interesting, if only to see the talented and forward-thinking Elon Musk nervously making his way through his speech – adorable!

(And check out my friend Jim Motavalli’s full review of this new vehicle!)

Model X Reveal from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

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